Ecohydrology, BiotEchnology & Engineering 2013 Lodz Poland Ecohydrology, Biotechnology & Engineering Towards the Harmony between Biogeosphere and Society on the basis of Long Term Ecosystem Research Symposium organised within:
The United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation 2013, 16th-22nd September 2013
The International Symposium – Ecohydrology, Biotechnology & EngineeringThe Symposium is organised within the Green Future Programintegrating the research potential of the Lodzkie Region for bioeconomy - intelligent specialization using biotechnologies for sustainable development and environmental management
Our deep appreciation to all of you for joining the Symposium

On behalf of the Scientific and Organizing Committees of the International Symposium “Ecohydrology, Biotechnology and Engineering: Towards Harmony between the Biogeosphere and Society on the basis of Long-Term Ecosystem Research” we would like to express our deep appreciation to all of you for joining the Symposium held from September 17th to 19th , 2013 in Lodz, Poland.

The conference was attended by 210 participants from 31 countries. We had a pleasure to accommodate 95 oral presentations and 50 posters dealing with ecohydrology, biotechnologies and engineering with reference line of long-term ecosystem research.

We believe that following the United Nations “International Year of Water Cooperation”, the Symposium provided a transdisciplinary, international forum for discussing the ecologically sound solutions for water management and environmental sustainability, expressed in the Themes of the VIII Phase of the UNESCO International Hydrological Programme and the European Commission vision of “Green Europe”.

Moreover, as a result of the mutual effort of all the plenary speakers, presenters, session chairmen and attendants, the conference followed the vision of the XXI -century science formulated by International Council of Science Unions (ICSU), as “integrative, problem solving and policy oriented”. We believe that it was also an important step towards formulation of the “integrative environmental science paradigm”, towards achieving harmony between the biogeosphere and humanity, postulated in the Columbus Declaration.

Finally, in order to follow up the conference achievements, we would like to kindly invite you to work together towards making the results of our joint effort visible and valid. This goal can be met by a threefold action:

Firstly, we look forward for your manuscripts to be published in the special issue of Ecohydrology & Hydrobiology Journal. It will increase the outreach of the Symposium and facilitate further steps in binding science and implementation. The extended deadline for the papers submission is on the 15th of October.

Second, we would like to ask the chairpersons of the sessions to provide us with the bullet points on emerging areas of collaboration between research, policy and practice, key challenges and foreseen problem-solving approaches, that can guide our activities towards strengthening international cooperation in the area of sustainability, water and environmental management, and building international capacity and European Research and Technology Infrastructure on the way to sustainability. The conclusions of the session will be a basis for introduction to the special issue of the Journal and a contribution to the synthesis paper. We are waiting for your summaries till the 15th October.

Third, we will highly appreciate receiving the comments and suggestions from the Scientific and Drafting Committees, which will be incorporated into the final document of the Symposium. We are waiting for your first contributions till the 15th October.

Once again We would like to thank you all for inspiring presentations, stimulating discussions and creative atmosphere. We hope that the connections and which were made during this Symposium will bring many opportunities for further fruitful collaboration.

With best regards,

Professor Maciej Zalewski
Cymposium Chair

Dr Iwona Wagner
Convenor of the Symposium

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