Ecohydrology, BiotEchnology & Engineering 2013 Lodz Poland Ecohydrology, Biotechnology & Engineering Towards the Harmony between Biogeosphere and Society on the basis of Long Term Ecosystem Research Symposium organised within:
The United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation 2013, 16th-22nd September 2013
The International Symposium – Ecohydrology, Biotechnology & EngineeringThe Symposium is organised within the Green Future Programintegrating the research potential of the Lodzkie Region for bioeconomy - intelligent specialization using biotechnologies for sustainable development and environmental management

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Marshal’s Office of the Lodz Region, Poland
Marshal’s Office of the Lodz Region, Poland

Łódź Voivodeship is a region rich in the investments oriented towards biotechnology and the broader bio-business. The education is particularly developed in this field. Among the State higher education institutions - and it is worth noting, that approximately 100 thousand of students study in Łódzkie Voivodeship - three leading fields of study are directly related to biotechnology.
At the Biotechnology faculty of Łódź University, the education is aimed at: medical, microbial and plant biotechnology. Students are prepared to work in companies that use bioprocesses, especially in pharmaceutical, food and chemical establishments, academic institutions, entities related to environmental and health protection centres, plant and animal breeding, biological and biotechnological research and control laboratories.
Medical University, using many years of experience in the basic and clinical research, educates biotechnologists in the two-stage studies in the field of molecular medicine, imaging and radiotherapy.
Technical University of Łódź, namely the Faculty of Biotechnology and Nutrition Sciences conducts two-stage studies in the field of biotechnology. Graduates specialize in molecular biotechnology, technology biochemistry, fermentation technology and technical microbiology and food biotechnology.
BioNanoPark of Łódź is also an important centre for the development of biotechnology in the region. Its mission is - among others - optimum utilization of economic and intellectual resources of the region, increasing innovation and competitiveness of enterprises and the transfer of new technologies from science to industry.
BioNanoPark is a research centre unique in national and even European scale. The results of research conducted there are used in many industries. BioNanoPark is a place in which there are some of the best equipped bio- and nanotechnology laboratories in Poland, providing commercial services to many industries. This allows product evaluation study at the highest level at each stage of its development.
Using the experience gained in the efforts to promote biotechnology and nanotechnology, Łódzkie Voivodeship was involved in initiatives such as the Bio International Convention, cooperation with academic and scientific research institutions and organization of professional showrooms of bio and nanotechnology in subsequent editions of the European Economic Forum.
Łódzkie Voivodeship was the initiator of the Polish Bioregions Consortium creation. The concept is based on the involvement of the regions in the activities in the field of biotechnology and the creation of a formal framework for cooperation in order to strengthen their capacity, obtaining synergy of activities, exchange of experience and achieving mutual benefits. Horizontal target of the activities undertaken is to start the process of creating the Central European Bioregions Consortium.
The Bioenergy for the Region Cluster - an open cooperative initiative bringing together dozens of companies, universities and research institutes, local governments and business support organizations - is finally active in the voivodeship. The aim of the Cluster is to promote the sustainable bioenergetics development of the voivodeship in the context of an integrated package of the European Commission activities in the area of energy and climate changes for reducing the level of emissions in the twenty-first century.

Marshal’s Office of the Łódź Region is one of the main organisers and hosts I Plenary Lectures Session during 1st day of the Symposium.

Marshal’s Office of the Łódź Region
al. Piłsudskiego 8
90-051 Łódź
tel. 42 663 30 00
42 663 33 80
tel. kom. 695 356 594

Marshal’s Office of the Lodz Region, Poland Marshal’s Office of the Lodz Region, Poland Marshal’s Office of the Lodz Region, Poland Marshal’s Office of the Lodz Region, Poland Marshal’s Office of the Lodz Region, Poland Marshal’s Office of the Lodz Region, Poland Marshal’s Office of the Lodz Region, Poland Marshal’s Office of the Lodz Region, Poland

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